New Infant Program

Mini-Skool is delighted to announce the launch of our new Infant program! Our revamped Infant curriculum is based on recent research that sheds new light on the rapid brain development that happens in the 12-18 months of a child’s life. Your infant is encouraged to learn, grow and explore using all of their senses.

Our new Infant curriculum is designed to integrate seamlessly with the curriculum in our toddler and preschool programs. The new infant program curriculum includes: fine motor, gross motor, science /sensory, language and math. Our experience and the research both tell us that in all of these activities, there need to be social and emotional connections between the caregiver and the child. Our teachers strive to create a bond and a trusting relationship with your child.

The language component features “Infant Sign language” and “Baby language”. Both of these outstanding programs have shown remarkable results in infant language development. Signing gives infants the tools to communicate long before language develops and reduces frustration.

We are excited about this new program! Look for it to be introduced it in the first week of October.