The two year old program (starts at 2.5 years) at Mini-Skool is a preparation for our three year old program and focuses on developing independence , self help skills and fine motor skills.

Our two’s program consists of : pencil control, scissor control, preschool concepts, math, language, science/sensory, large motor, dramatic play, families and cultures, practical life, toilet training, fine motor and creative art.

Two year old’s are experiencing many conflicting emotions. Our program will help each child to be able to name those emotions and start to problem solve for themselves. Our toilet training program will guide each child through the toileting process, encouraging independence and self confidence.

Our two year old program focuses on fine motor skills especially pencil and scissor control as these skills are needed to our three year old program. Our two’s will spend time learning how to hold a pencil and scissors while cutting or drawing on straight lines. We will also start to introduce preschool concepts such as shapes and colours. Language and math are also an important part of this program.

Social skills are starting to emerge and our teachers will use “teachable moments” to help with this sometimes difficult process.