Bramalea Mini-Skool is having a retirement party for Valerie Warner

Bramalea Mini-Skool is having a retirement party for Valerie Warner on May 25th at Good Eggs Dining located at 3 Gateway Blvd in Brampton.  Please contact Kay Ann or Donna at (905)792-2230 if you would like to join us!

Mini-Skool has been the trusted daycare of choice for families in Ontario for almost 50 years. Health and Safety has always been the number one priority for our children. We are concerned about some of the allegations that were made concerning possible tampering with the wipes belonging to one of our children. Mini-Skool fully supports the police investigation into this matter. If somebody has done something to harm one of our children, Mini-Skool wants that individual or those individuals brought to justice. Mini-Skool is committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our care.