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Mini-Skool’s before and after school program, Clubhouse Kids, offers exclusive membership for four to thirteen years old children.

Those worrisome hours for parents, before and after school, are taken care of as Mini-Skool’s Clubhouse Kids are enriched with recreational and stimulating activities. As parents, you will have peace of mind knowing that your child is having fun in a safe and secure environment.

Mini-Skool also offers a full day of child care on all school holidays, Professional Activity days, Winter Break, March Break and Summer Break.

Mini-Skool’s Clubhouse Kids philosophy is to enhance your child’s growing independence and self confidence. Clubhouse Leaders encourage team building, problem solving and responsibility as your child approaches well-adjusted adolescence. Our Clubhouse is a fun, safe place to spend time before and after school. Your Clubhouse Kid can burn energy outside, spend time reading, get help with homework, grab a snack and socialize with new and existing friends. We encourage “down time” and a balance of structured activities to ensure that we are meeting the individual needs of our Clubhouse Kids.

Mini-Skool  takes pride in assisting your child with problem solving skills and building a strong self confidence. Through daily interactions within areas such as the visual arts studio, drama theater, science lab and construction zone, your child is able to explore and create!

Our program will bring out the artist in each child!  Your child will be given the opportunity to work with real artists media such as water colour, acrylic paints and sketching tools.  A sketch pad will be provided for each child.  Our drama area will have a part for everyone to play!  Whether your child likes to be center stage, a director, a stage manager, a set designer or a writer, there will be a role for everyone!  Our main sites have a “real” stage for performances and props.  The science area is where your child will carry our fun experiments with science equipment to explore and learn.  Tools, books and materials will be provided to explore, mix, gather data, observe and learn!  Our Construction Zone will be a busy place for building and design!  Our Mini-Skool work bench and tools will provide real life experiences for wood working! (Areas may vary if the program is in a shared space, for e.g. a church)

A quiet homework area is always available, if your child chooses to complete their homework assignments at our after school program. The completion of homework allows for a more relaxed family time when you and your child get home after a long and busy day.

To ensure that your child is enthusiastically engaged in the activities, Mini-Skool involves Clubhouse Kids in activities based on their choice and interests. Your child will take part in decorating the clubhouse to suit their personal interests and expression which will help to develop a strong sense of belonging.

Mini-Skool provides private busing to and from many local schools. (To view detailed busing information, select your desired child care centre location.)

Need full day child care during the Summer? Take a look at our fun and exciting Summer Club program.

I selected Mini-Skool and I can just say that it was the greatest place for a young curious boy to be.