Mini-Skool’s three year old program promotes a balance of positive education and play experiences. Weekly themes are carefully planned to fill your child’s day with interesting and engaging learning and play. Our exceptional teachers ensure that the programs are focused and fun. Children will discover reading through Mini-Skool’s strong literacy-based approach, which includes: library / language, letter of the week, sound table, songs, rhymes and stories.

Each morning, your child will participate in a unique educational three year old program. This program focuses on developing a variety of cognitive and fine motor skills, necessary to progress through the coming years.

The key components covered within the Three’s curriculum includes:

  • Pre-writing skills (pencil control and tracing)
  • Letters (taught in Jolly Phonics order)
  • Numbers (counting, matching sets)
  • Concepts (colours, shapes, cutting, matching and opposites)

Children will receive their own personal binder of work sheets designed to reinforce the skills they are learning each day.

Each new accomplishment will fill your three year old with pride and the desire to learn more once they realize, “I can do it!” Our three year old program makes it easy and exciting for children to learn.

Three Year Old Program Highlights

My wife and I did our homework, including physical inspections… Mini-Skool, by virtue of their programming and dedicated and caring staff, came out on top by a country mile.

Steve & Marianne

  • Three year old educational program introduces all the important areas of preschool development which prepares children for kindergarten
  • Low preschool teacher to child ratios (1 teacher to every 8 children) ensures that your child will receive the individual support and attention he or she needs
  • Large outside play yards and Mini-Skool’s indoor gyms allow for large motor coordination and physical development
  • Developmental Records and bi-annual Parent/Teacher Evenings offer a general overview and guideline of your child’s progress at Mini-Skool
  • A “My Day” door note is posted outside your child’s classroom each day as an additional communication tool
  • Stimulating Discovery Areas are available throughout the classroom, which give children experience with activities including creative art, music and listening, manipulative / cognitive, home living / cultures / dramatic play, construction / block, dramatic play, science and nature and sound table