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Educational programs to inspire growing minds

At Mini-Skool, ‘A Child’s Place’, we understand that choosing the right day care setting for your child is both an important and exciting decision for parents. In choosing Mini-Skool for your child, you will have selected what we believe to be the finest quality child care available anywhere.

Mini-Skool has been providing child care services for more than 50 years. The most valuable thing we have learnt is the importance of quality, standards and integrity in service. We pride ourselves on the richness of our child care programs and the ability to get to know each family’s needs. Creating “Laughter, Love and Learning” is what we do best at Mini-Skool Child Care Centers.

Our website has been designed with parents and guardians in mind. We aim to help you understand Mini-Skool’s unique and effective approach to childhood education. We welcome you to read further for more information on our child care programs. If this is your first visit to our website, you may find our “New Here?” page helpful.

Our child care programs have been specially created to help children grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. We offer the following family child care programs:

We combine a stimulating childhood learning experience with a safe, secure environment under the expert guidance of dedicated and professional child care providers. We acknowledge the trust and confidence placed in us by our families and in return, provide the finest child care available.

Nutrition and Weekly Menus

A Healthy Child Is a Happy Child

[pullquote]Mini-Skool always made me feel welcome and it was a place where you could be yourself…

Danyelle, former Mini-Skool student[/pullquote]

Nutrition is a crucial part of a child’s development. Mini-Skool provides children with nutritious, well balanced, “home cooked” meals. Our full time cooks prepare our meals “on-site” at each  of our day care centres. Daily menus consist of a “breakfast style” morning snack, followed by a nutritious cooked lunch with fruit, and an afternoon snack. Milk and/or water are served with every meal or snack.

Meals at Mini-Skool are nutritiously balanced to meet your child’s dietary needs and to comply with Canada’s Food Guide. Our menu is reviewed by a registered dietitian.

Our cooks are chosen not only for their talents in the kitchen but also for their love of children. We support our cooks’ dedication and hard work by providing them a number of annual professional development days where they can expand their skills and keep up with the latest information on child nutrition.

Self Regulation

At Mini-Skool we strive to help children develop their ability to self regulate. We recognize that positive interaction and reinforcement encourages the healthy development of a child’s self-regulation skills. Our teachers praise and call attention to appropriate behaviour and act as good role models. Our behaviour expectations policy outlines strategies that our teachers can use to influence and reinforce appropriate behaviours.

When inappropriate behaviour occurs, our teachers through explanation, redirection and diversionary techniques help children to gain perspective and/or problem solve. Spanking and other forms of corporal punishment are not permitted under any circumstances. If you have specific concerns regarding children’s behaviour and development of self-regulation, we invite you to discuss them with your child’s teacher and with the Centre Director. Mini-Skool teachers and center directors always seek to work closely with parents to help children through any difficulties.