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We could not be happier with the service we receive.

“My daughter attends the Bromsgrove location and we could not be happier with the service we receive. These ladies consistently go over and above for my child. They have gone out of their way and fed my child when her lunch fell on the floor at school and no one told me until after the school day. They have made my little girl feel so comfortable that she gets upset with me if she isn’t the last child to be picked up. I can not tell you how comforting it is to know that Aniyah has people like Betty, Alicia, and Natalie in her life. Betty has always answered all my questions and given me great advice. She was the one who helped me when we were new to the area and I was struggling to find a daycare spot for my child.

As a single parent, I am so grateful that I don’t have to worry about my child at all while she is in their care. In the past when it came to daycare centers I have not been the easiest to deal with and knowing my child is here is such a great comfort to me.

They even made my daughter a certificate for being a helper. It made her day and it made me so happy. I just really wanted to take a minute to share my experience because people like this are really hard to come by. They are just amazing.”

Amy Power
Bromsgrove location.



I know I have told you before how great he is.  And today he exemplified it again

I picked my daughter up tonight and the smile on my face could be seen all through the school.  As I approached the door I heard singing.  And as I looked in the window, there was Mr. Jeff singing his heart out into a “microphone”.  I waited until he finished as I didn’t want him to stop.  All around him the kids were watching him and singing too.

I asked my daughter about Mr. Jeff singing.  She quickly told me they had all been invited – one by one – up on “stage”.  Mr. Jeff was the last one.

Mr. Jeff has been one of Alison’s teachers for two years now and I can’t begin to tell you how much we are going to miss him when Alison goes to Grade 1 in September.  His energy, enthusiasm and care for the kids is irrefutable, undeniable and unrepeatable.  He is amazing!

I love the fact too that he and Mr. Peter have taken Room 10 for 2 picnics this summer.  What a special opportunity for the kids – one they do not want to miss – even if it means delaying a trip to the cottage!!

We can’t thank Mr. Jeff enough for all he does.  He is amazing!!!!

Marcia & Robert



They have become stronger, wiser and more confident

The graduation is upon us, and as we watched our daughter prepare with all the excitement and pride a 6 year old can muster we started to think back over all the special moments we have shared here.

Today we all gather in the gym and celebrate 24 children who have successfully completed 6 wonderful years at Mini-Skool. We will celebrate their maturity, their laughter and their spirit. We will recognize their achievements academically and socially, and admire their energy to move on to learn more and take on new challenges and make new friends.

As we looked back we began to realize that included in this celebration should be some time to reflect on the people that have contributed so significantly to her success and the success of all these children: the staff at Mini-Skool! From learning to walk in the nursery to reading a book in Senior Kindergarten, and all of the wonderful achievements in between.

You should all be so proud! Stand tall in your success of these children. They have become stronger, wiser and more confident. They have laughed, cried and fell ill in your arms; they loved each of you in their own way, unconditionally and with all their hearts.

We know that each of you has brought something positive to our daughter’s life that has contributed to her success now and in the future. They say that the foundation is the strength of each entity, and the foundation that you have poured as teachers and caregivers is strong and one from which she will build on as she moves forward through life.

Jacques Barzun said “In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.” There is truth in these words and we are sure that much of what and who you have helped Josie to become will not only be realized until she is an adult herself.

We cannot ever put effectively into words our gratitude to all of you for your care, your thoughtfulness, your instruction. You taught Josie many things; at times we think you taught us more! We hope you can hear the words our hearts cannot speak. We are forever in your debt and thank you graciously for being the caring individuals you are.


Anita and Joe



Mini-Skool surpassed all our expectations

I would like to commend you on the excellence of the Bromsgrove Mini-Skool childcare centre in Mississauga. After attending this location for several years, my daughters must join a new daycare that is closer to our new Meadowvale home. Although our new daycare will be a much shorter commute, we are all very sad to be ending our time at Mini-Skool.

No parent ever leaves their children in daycare without some trepidation. There are so many things to worry about: Will the childcare program be challenging enough? Will it be sensitive to the varied needs of the children’s different ages? Will the teachers be able to discipline as well as educate? Will our children be happy?

Mini-Skool surpassed all our expectations. The childcare programs are diverse: educational and fun. The activities are themed but varied, and the teachers, themselves, are exemplary. Without exception, your staff was attentive to our children’s needs, always treating the girls with respect and consideration. Our children were guided carefully through some challenging developmental stages, taught to interact with their peers and become more responsible and independent. Most importantly, the teachers made our girls feel loved and appreciated, which gave them the confidence to test their abilities, develop and grow.

We trusted Mini-Skool to take care of our children; you have surpassed our every hope and expectation. Kudos to everyone and thanks to all.

Thank you,




The greatest place for a young curious boy to be

Moving from Montreal to Brampton was a big step for us but finding a daycare centre for my son was even harder. I remember going through the Yellow Pages and there were so many childcare centres in Brampton to pick from. I selected Mini-Skool and I can just say that it was the greatest place for a young curious boy to be. Brenda and her team made us feel very welcome. And then, along came my youngest son… well, he also had to experience Mini-Skool, and has attended for almost a year now. Thank you very much for everything!




Keep up the good work because you make a difference in the lives of every child that comes here

Mini-Skool… wow, where to start?! I came here at age 5 and didn’t leave until I was 12. I grew up here with the Directors and Teachers. Mini-Skool always made me feel welcome and it was a place where you could be yourself at. You were never judged and you were always encouraged to join in the fun.

I am 16 now and even though I don’t talk to many people who I was here with I can say you always remember the time you had here. So Mini-Skool, keep up the good work because you make a difference in the lives of every child that comes here.

Former Mini-Skool child



The staff are professional, kind and extremely trustworthy

Mini-Skool is a safe, warm and inviting atmosphere for children of all ages. The staff are professional, kind and extremely trustworthy. Concerns that often plague parents with home daycare situations are nonexistent at Mini-Skool. Mini-Skool is both child and parent friendly and the staff have had an excellent training in taking care of children and teaching. The loving concern the staff have for the small children continues throughout their time at Mini-Skool. Children aged 4 and 5 are able to do their Junior and Senior Kindergarten right at Mini-Skool and it has been my personal experience that the education they receive is superior to that of the public elementary programs. Instead of receiving instruction a few days a week, Mini-Skool students have daily instruction and reinforcement of skills and concepts learned. My daughter was extremely well prepared for Grade One as a result of her education at Mini-Skool. She still attends the after school program at Mini-Skool as well as the annual summer daycare program, Summer Club. Her success encouraged my husband and myself to send our son to Mini-Skool as well and he is currently thriving in Junior Kindergarten. He is being instructed by and cared for by wonderful, loving teachers who’s first priority is the children they are teaching.

Richmond Hill Childcare Centre



Words can not explain how happy I am with Mini-Skool

Mini-Skool is a blessing to our family. When it was time for us to find a daycare centre for our children, we were afraid and uneasy as we had previously had an unpleasant experience with another daycare. Signing our children up with Mini-Skool was the best thing we have ever done. The Mini-Skool teachers and staff are wonderful, starting with their happy greetings as you arrive in the morning to their “Good evening” when you leave at night. Throughout the two years that the girls have been attending Mini-Skool, they have had many teachers, all of them friendly, kind, loving and charismatic in their own special ways. There is never a moment that the staff is too busy to give hugs and cuddles and words to comfort the children, not only making the child feel better but making it easier on the parents to know that their children are being well taken care of. Throughout the year, during special events such as the Christmas concert, graduation ceremonies and the family barbecue, you see how much they really care for everyone through their hard work and extra time spent in creating these happy and special times that will never be forgotten. The promise the Mini-Skool makes is “We create Laughter, Love and Learning by providing Quality Child Care for Today’s Families and Tomorrow’s Futures”. Mini-Skool has exceeded all our expectations while fulfilling their promise. Words can not explain how happy I am with Mini-Skool. They have a wonderful staff that couldn’t be any more loving and friendly, they make the children so comfortable, like part of their own family. I would recommend Mini-Skool childcare centres in Ontario to anyone looking for superior, quality child care.

Bramalea Childcare Centre



A constant source of learning for her

My daughter (who as of today is 3.5 years old) is currently at the Willowdale childcare centre and loving it. She has been under their care since she was 6 months old! It’s her second home away from home, and I just can’t thank the staff there enough for the peace of mind they have provided me knowing that she is in good hands. Lynne and Tamara, along with my daughter’s current teachers Miss Donna and Miss Valentina, as well as previous teachers Miss Bozena and Miss Maria, have been a constant source of learning for her. I certainly made the right childcare decision!




You have helped me raise a wonderful kid, and I cannot thank you enough

I am finding it hard to express, in words, the gratitude and appreciation that I feel for all of you. When my daughter started at Mini-Skool at 14 months of age I could have never dreamed that she would be as loved and cared for as she has been these past four years. Your entire daycare centre staff does a tremendous job each day. When I look at my daughter and see how happy, healthy and loved she is I know that you have played a major role in making that happen. You have helped me raise a wonderful kid, and I cannot thank you enough.

Love Erika
Brampton Childcare Centre



Nurturing environment of flexibility and individuality

I wish to thank you and your staff so much for your dedication, hard work and effort in making my son’s years at Mini-Skool a creative, educational joy in learning. I would also like to extend my personal appreciation for the one-on-one attention and information that you and your staff have provided for me. The nurturing environment of flexibility and individuality in which your daycare facility has provided my child to grow and learn, has been an imprint that will affect my child for years to come. Again, it is difficult to detail all the things my son has learned from your staff’s patience and kindness, but I just wanted to let you know that it is duly noted. It is with great confidence in your daycare and staff, that I would highly recommend the Mini-Skool Mississauga Childcare Centre to parents, family and friends.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Mississauga Childcare Centre (Bromsgrove Rd.)



Mini-Skool, by virtue of their programming and dedicated and caring staff, came out on top by a country mile

I recently drove down Bromsgrove Road for the first time in two decades, and I was reminded of how glad my wife and I were in the mid-1980’s that our youngest son Jesse was being cared for by the most responsible daycare business in southwest Mississauga – Mini-Skool on Bromsgrove. My wife and I did our homework, including physical inspections of various daycare businesses in the area. Mini-Skool, by virtue of their programming and dedicated and caring staff, came out on top by a country mile. Although we paid a monetary premium, there was no question it would be well-spent, and we firmly believe that the years our youngest son spent at Mini-Skool full-time from 18 months of age until Grade One contributed greatly to his scholastic and interpersonal skillsets.

Jesse graduated top honours and a scholarship from Erindale Secondary, then a B.Sc.Honours with high distinction in Physical Geography from UTM with several scholarships and bursaries along the way. An NSERC scholarship and other grants and bursuaries helped him to attain his M.Sc.F. at U of T downtown. Currently, a full NSERC scholarship and myriad grants are helping Jesse to attain his doctorate, which he is currently hard at work on at the University of Calgary.

Again, we feel Mini Skool’s excellent programming and staffing at the Bromsgrove location during Jesse’s “tenure” indeed played, and will continue to play, an important role in his life.

Steve & Marianne Patterson



I greatly appreciate the wonderful care and attention that my son has received during his stay at Mini-Skool

The purpose of this letter is two-fold. My infant son, Ian is currently enrolled in the Infant Room at your Willowdale/North York location on Sheppard Ave. Due to the upcoming location change Ian will be attending Mini-Skool up until, and including, the day of Friday, September 17th, 2010. I greatly appreciate the wonderful care and attention that my son has received during his stay at Mini-Skool.

This takes me to the second and more important reason for writing this letter. I feel it vital to make known the exceptional quality of loving care that the three infant-room teachers have given my son during his stay with them. Zelica, Marta and Dennise have been outstanding in providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for our son Ian. Not only have they become like ‘second mothers’ to him but they have been more than kind and courteous to us, his family, as well. It was a very difficult transition for me, going back to work after my maternity leave and leaving my son in the care of others. I could not have asked for a better experience than what these three ladies provided us with. They continually took the time to answer any and all of our questions, provide feedback about Ian‘s progress and gently ease him into the routine of the infant room at Mini-Skool. Ian will miss these three, very special ladies and I, as his mother, believe they need to be commended for the great work they do with all the children in their care.

If it were not for the location change of Mini-Skool, we would be delighted to have our son continue at your daycare. Tamara and Lynne, the daycare directors, have also been wonderful in both their professional and caring manners in their dealings with us at Mini-Skool. I wish to convey my gratitude to both of them.

Thank you for making note of Ian’s final day at your Sheppard Avenue location and, once again, we express our appreciation for the quality of care that has been given to him at Mini-Skool. We wish you much success in the new location in September.

Willowdale Childcare Centre

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