Full Day Kindergarten Program

Full Day Kindergarten in the School System – Is this for your child?

This is a question we encourage all parents to ask themselves.  At Mini-Skool we believe there are many good reasons for you to choose our Kindergarten programs as opposed to a Full Day Kindergarten program at your local school.

The advantages of Mini-Skool’s Full Day Kindergarten program include:

  • Lower staff to child ratios and smaller numbers per classroom in a system that is established and works!
  • Professional Early Childhood Educators trained in working specifically with the early years
  • Excellent programs that are far advanced of the current Kindergarten programs in the schools.  Most of our Senior Kindergarten students are working at a Grade One level
  • Our Kindergarten graduates excel in Grade One
  • Introduction to French
  • Hot nutritious lunch served daily (plus two snacks daily)
  • Rest time for your child to relax and get ready for their afternoon
  • Extended hours with reliable consistent staffing
  • Open all year round
  • Large beautiful, purpose built classrooms and playgrounds designed for early learning
  • Let them be little………….they have their whole lives to be at school!

Mini-Skool Full Day Kindergarten

Our main Kindergarten page has more information on Mini-Skool’s Full Day Kindergarten program.

Please contact us to discuss how Mini-Skool can enrich your child’s Kindergarten experience!