Links for Kids

Below are links to fun and interesting websites, provided for the enjoyment of Mini-Skool kids and their families. Do you know of a fun or interesting website that you think we should link to? Please tell us about it!

An important note: We are happy to share links to fun and interesting websites with Mini-Skool kids and their families. We do not endorse any website, product, service, or other information by listing it here. We do our best to make sure that the websites are suitable for kids and that the information on them is correct, but we can’t guarantee that.

Please contact us if you feel anything linked from this page is unsuitable or has serious errors. If you contact us with concerns about a site we link to, we will review whether that site continues to be suitable for our links page. We’ll also let you know what we decide and why.

Any further questions about the information you find on websites that are linked on this page need to be directed to the administrator(s) of those websites.

Just For Kids

Thanks to Kerry Fowler for the useful links…
Please note that if the school boards for Peel and York Region are closed due to weather conditions, all Mini-Skool locations will also be closed. We will do our best to post closures on our websites and in the hi mama app as soon as we hear from the school boards. Please also be aware that if school buses are cancelled then our Mini-Skool vans too will be cancelled, but our centers will remain open.