New Toddler Program In Full Swing

Parents know how much their children develop in their first two years. Research shows that a number of new tools are very successful in supporting and stimulating that growth. Mini-Skool has been hard at work custom-designing a new curriculum that makes use of new research-proven tools such as Toddler Sign Language and the “Baby language” program.

In February, all Mini-Skool child care centers began teaching our new toddler curriculum and the program has been in full swing since March.

While researching, designing and testing all the elements this new program, we were delighted to discover the remarkable results that both Toddler Sign Language and “Baby language” have produced in enhancing the language development of Toddlers.

Encouraging children to learn the written word in a natural way while learning the spoken word is the key benefit of the “Baby language” program. This provides a multi-sensory approach to learning. In our Infant curriculum, children are introduced to “Baby language” at a more basic level. The toddler program continues and extends the themes of the earlier, more basic parts of program.

Toddlers are active and curious, yet their spoken language skills rarely match the needs of their active lives and expanding interests. This can mean frustration for both the child and parents. Signing has been shown to be a very effective way for toddlers to communicate, and it has the added benefits of lowering their frustration, while reinforcing the meaning of the words spoken by adults.

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“The Mini-Skool Management is pleased to report that the police investigation found absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing, including no evidence of tampering with wipes at our Bramalea Center. Furthermore, the police investigation confirmed that Mini-Skool is a safe environment for children, as no child was ever in danger of being harmed. We are grateful to the Peel Police for their thorough investigation and timely response. Mini-Skool would like to thank all of our families and staff for their patience, cooperation and for believing in Mini-Skool’s 49 years of nurturing young children, into becoming successful individuals.”