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Mini-Skool Bramalea
27 Kings Cross Road
Bramalea, Ontario
L6T 3V5
(905) 792-2230

Located near Bramalea Rd. and Hwy #7, close to Bramalea City Centre

“The Mini-Skool Management is pleased to report that the police investigation found absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing, including no evidence of tampering with wipes at our Bramalea Center. Furthermore, the police investigation confirmed that Mini-Skool is a safe environment for children, as no child was ever in danger of being harmed. We are grateful to the Peel Police for their thorough investigation and timely response. Mini-Skool would like to thank all of our families and staff for their patience, cooperation and for believing in Mini-Skool’s 49 years of nurturing young children, into becoming successful individuals.”