What Do Toddlers Do at Mini-Skool?

Spend any time with a toddler and you’ll know they are curious and active little people. Our toddler program has been re-designed to ensure they get the stimulation and encouragement they need to develop and grow.

Our goal is to provide an appropriate environment for exploration, learning and development. Our toddlers take part in activities where they use and develop their “fine motor” skills, in which they move and manipulate things with their fingers. They also take part in “gross motor” activities with motion involving more of their muscles, which uses up some of that endless toddler energy!

Many of our toddler activities and stories introduce interesting topics in science, math, creative art, dramatic play and family/cultures. We understand that in all of these activities, there need to be social and emotional connections between the caregiver and the child.  Our teachers seek to create a bond and a trusting relationship with each child.

As part of the toddler program redesign, the language curriculum will feature “Toddler Sign language” and “Baby language”.  We are very excited about the remarkable results that both of these outstanding programs have shown in toddler language development. Signing gives toddlers the tools to communicate long before language develops and helps reduce their frustration.  The “Baby language” program encourages toddlers to naturally learn the written word, at the same time as they are learning the spoken word, through a multi sensory approach to learning.

At Mini-Skool, we know from experience, backed by research, that each child grows, develops and learns differently. This is why we believe that providing a multi-sensory approach to learning is the key to meeting each individual child’s needs.

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Mini-Skool has been the trusted daycare of choice for families in Ontario for almost 50 years. Health and Safety has always been the number one priority for our children. We are concerned about some of the allegations that were made concerning possible tampering with the wipes belonging to one of our children. Mini-Skool fully supports the police investigation into this matter. If somebody has done something to harm one of our children, Mini-Skool wants that individual or those individuals brought to justice. Mini-Skool is committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our care.