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Mini-Skool SickKids Walkathon 2023

Dear parents and Guardians,

A big !!THANK YOU!! for your participation in helping us exceed our goal (of $3,500) for our SickKids Walkathon 2023. This year we’ve raised $5,940.

We are grateful that you partnered with us in this venture by donating and sharing the information with your family and friends, and also for taking the time to come out and walk with your children and Staff on the day of the Walkathon. You are a big part of Mini-Skool’s family! It is clear, that with your support, each Centre was able to walk strong and proud to help SickKids Hospital keep striving towards their goal of:

  • Building a new, state-of-the-art hospital and patient support building,
  • Continuing to have breakthrough research. Turning today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s cures, and,
  • Building partnerships across the country and around the world, so all kids get the care they deserve.

Your donations will help SickKids do all of this and more.

Thank you!

Gail Williams-Miller
(Marketing and Program Support Manager)
Mini-Skool ‘A Child’s Place’ Inc.