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Our Family Fun Day Event for Sick Kids – 2016

Well our Family Fun Day Event has come and gone and what an incredible success it was. We raised over $6200 for Sick Kids, which far exceeded our goal of $2100, thanks to all your support and participation!

I would like to start off with a great big THANKS to Tasnim BhujwallaMirasol who initiated this event through the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Project and involved Mini-Skool, as we’ve always been an avid supporter of Sick Kids. This event provided us with an opportunity to evaluate our leadership skills, to inspire and motivate members of our team, to affect change and growth of individuals, to experience a sense of community and more importantly, it allowed us to pay it forward, by giving of our time and efforts for such a worthy cause.

THANKS and much gratitude to all our sponsors, vendors and wonderful people who support Mini-Skool in various capacities, for their generosity, as we couldn’t have done it without them. The flyers, tickets, gifts for the silent auction and on line donations were amazing and more than we expected.

THANKS to ALL our clients, the many families, friends and volunteers that came out to support this event. The attendance was overwhelming.Your gift of time, support and engagement was precious and really touched my heart.

THANKS to the Police, Fire and Ambulance departments for the generosity of their time to support our event. We were so fortunate to have you participate in our event and the children really enjoyed the tours, lights and horns and your presence was noted and very much appreciated.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge our Mini-Skool Team Participants and our wonderful volunteers which are as follows:

From our Head Office – Tracy-Ann Brown-Chung and her son Daniel, Dave Diaz, from our Richmond Hill Mini-Skool – Christine Halliday, Franca Esposito, Valine Allen and her daughter Marissa, Chonetell Reaume, her husband David and their son Ethan, from our Bromsgrove Mini-Skool – Sue Holder, Betty Simas, Sally Ballantine and her son Ryan White, Liz Piper, Sabrina Fernandes, Felecia Douse, Ruhi Mamud, Michelle Sousa, Lorein Walker, Sarah DiTomaso and her daughter Alexa, Laura Roy, Patricia Bonnard, Alecia Terrana, Kayla Bellerose, Julia Merino and her daughter Elizabeth, Etienna Cardenas, Jessica Perks, from our Cawthra Mini-Skool – Mary Rovos, Donna Foreman, Jessie Fox, Jag Jarmana, Ashley Poirier, Lucy DeMelo, Hina Qazi, Nasheeta Allani, Kausar Kanum, from our Brampton Mini-Skool – Shelley King, Tina Gnanapragasam, Tammy Brown, Sylvie Isaac, Wayne Morrison, Hannah Hathaway, Mimi Nyanin, from our Bramalea Mini-Skool – Ruby Hathaway and Nitsiki Mitchell, Tasnim Bhujwalla Mirasol and her friends and family who are as follows: Mrs Mirasol, Nafisa McLeod and her daughters Aliyah and Daniella, Sukaina Ebrahim, Sayyeda Ebrahim and Deborah Jackson.

Please accept my sincere and humble THANKS to each and every one of YOU, for your gift of time, your generosity, your kindness, your support, your love, your passion, your patience, your guidance, your talents and so much more that contributed to the success of this event. Your hard work and efforts are acknowledged and appreciated more than words could express and thank you is not enough suffice to say. Congratulations, as you paid it forward in such a big way and I know that you and your families will be blessed in life for the simple gift of giving back. To all the Mini-Skool employees that participated, I am truly proud and humbled to have you on the Mini-Skool Team and for all the friends and family volunteers, I feel so honoured and thankful that you dedicated your time to this fabulous event. I especially want to thank the employees and volunteers who brought their children to support this event. What wonderful role models you all are to your children, as you’ve shown them the importance of giving back and supporting the community. I applaud you and your children, as you all did an outstanding job of providing some joy, fun and educational experiences to our guests. You should be proud of yourselves!

I will end by wishing you and your families the best of health and much happiness and THANK YOU one last time for your contribution that made our event so successful as we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Gillian D’Souza
General Manager