5 Reasons to Teach Your Toddler Sign Language

Parents sometimes ask us why we recommend they teach their toddlers sign language. Perhaps it seems like one more chore to add to their already busy days. The benefits can be huge, for the toddlers and for the parents.

Here are five key ways that sign language benefits toddlers and parents:

  1. Sign language develops social and language skills. It encourages more interaction between toddlers and the adults in their lives.
  2. It fills vocabulary voids. Toddlers do not yet have all the words they need to communicate.
  3. Signing actively promotes neurological connections in the toddler’s (quickly!) growing brain.
  4. Decreases frustration – toddler tantrums often occur over frustrations due to their inability to express themselves.
  5. Signing makes confident communication easier and more effective and more effective for toddlers.

Because of these benefits and more, our new toddler program will include a sign language component. We’re excited to introduce this wonderful communication tool – coming this February to all Mini-Skool centers! Watch for more here on our website.

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