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New Toddler Program – Coming Soon!

By January 13, 2011March 29th, 2011No Comments

Coming soon to a Mini-Skool near you: a new toddler program! It is well known to any parent that rapid development is happening in the first two years of a child’s life. Research shows that a number of new tools are very successful in supporting and stimulating that growth.

A highlight of our new toddler program is the introduction of Toddler Sign Language and the “Baby Can Read” program. We are so excited about the remarkable results that both of these outstanding programs have shown in encouraging Toddler language development.

Signing gives toddlers the tools to communicate well, before their spoken language skills match the needs of their active lives and expanding interests. Signing reduces frustration and reinforces the spoken word.

The “Baby Can Read” program encourages toddlers to naturally learn the written word at the same time as they are learning the spoken word through a multi sensory approach to learning. This is designed as a continuation of our Infant curriculum, where children are introduced to the earliest and most basic parts of program.

Watch for more here on our website!


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