Discover Our Discovery Areas!

It’s no secret that children are curious. And that they learn in many different ways. This is why Mini-Skool created our Discovery Areas, where children are empowered to use all their senses to explore and learn in the way – or ways – that work for them.

Early childhood development is encouraged and stimulated in our Discovery Areas through hands-on activities in areas such as creative art, music, manipulative/cognitive tasks, dramatic play, as well as science and nature.

These activities sharpen your child’s ability to perceive differences and similarities in the things they see, hear and feel in their world. The connection between curiosity, exploration and intellectual growth is remarkable.

Using all their senses to learn and grow, to play and build and create makes learning not only more fun, but more complete. Children’s individual interests are allowed to flourish while at the same time, many different types of activities are presented to them, which often uncovers previously unknown interests and abilities.

Please visit our Discovery Areas page on our website to find out more!

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