In Memory of Donna Ray

DonnaOctober 7, 1950 – June 15, 2014

I would like to pay tribute to Donna Ray,who was a dedicated, loyal and committed employee of Mini-Skool for 33 years of her life. Her love and passion for the children and families that she served,shone through in her work. She never missed a day of work and always put the children and families first. Donna had a stellar record with our organization and was loved and respected by her peers and the Mini-Skool Management team. She was very unassuming, quiet by nature, but she always smiled when you walked into her room. A welcoming gesture that is often forgotten these days.She was truly a model employee and I hope that others can learn from her.

Donna is far too special to be forgotten, especially when you’ve had the privilege to have an employee like her work for your organization. So I felt it only fitting that her memory live on in this small token of appreciation, for all the lives that she touched in her 33 years at Mini-Skool. She will forever live in our hearts and serve as an example to others, who chose to work with such precious gifts – the lives of children.

Gillian D’Souza
General Manager