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Teaching toddlers effectively through proven programming

By August 15, 2018April 24th, 2019No Comments

Child care should be about children’s well being and their opportunities to engage and express themselves.  Mini-Skool – A Child’s Place based in Mississauga, Ontario, provides a healthy blend of both play and education, where children learn through love and laughter.

The toddler program at the school is designed around a child’s natural curiosity and passion for playtime. The program aims to naturally develop their motor skills, early language, creativity and even math skills.

As you know, toddlers have a lot to say but not all of them may have reached the talking milestone before attending Daycare. Hence, as an added component to their Toddler program, Mini-Skool offers Sign Language which helps to facilitate communication and reduces frustration for your child.  Teachers provide parents with sign language updates so that they can practice at home to strengthen their child’s communication skills.

Research has shown that the fast rate of learning that stared during infancy continues to two years old and beyond. Therefore it is important to ensure that your child’s learning is placed in the hands of individuals who are knowledgeable of children’s development and well experienced in the field.

For over 46 years Mini-Skool has been providing Toddler care with an emphasis on teaching them social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive skills.  The qualified RECEs use a wide range of approaches, some of which includes observation, documentation, music & movements, storytellling and play to stimulate your young one’s mind and keep them interested in learning.

Getting a head start on development in a supportive environment will allow your child to excel academically, creatively and socially. Mini-Skool helps to lay the foundation for a more successful future!

To find out more about how Mini-Skool – ‘A Child’s Place’ can help your toddler develop healthy learning habits, visit the website to find the nearest location. You can also call 905-275-2378. Like the page on Facebook for more information and updates.


At Mini-Skool we are dedicated to creating a place of Laughter, Love and Learning for children of ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. We serve families with a broad range of child care and educational programs for children, including infant and toddler daycare, preschool, half-day Nursery school, full day Kindergarten, as well as before and after school programs and our Summer Club full-day summer daycare.