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Welcome Back!  You were missed!

By July 13, 2020No Comments

Dear Mini-Skool Employees, 

It sure has been a long time since we last saw you and you were truly missed. Most importantly, I’m glad you are well and have managed through these unprecedented times.

I know this is a daunting time for everyone, however, we have to start somewhere. I know with time, things will get better and you will feel more comfortable with the practices and safeguards that have been put in place, for the benefit of all parties.    

You’ll notice various changes in the way our workplace looks, as well as new practices and protocols as required by the Ministry of Health. We understand these changes may take some time to become accustomed to, but we are here to support you. Our goal is to collaboratively ensure you feel safe and secure, so we can navigate the complexities of our “new normal.”  

Please keep in mind that all rules, regulations, policies and procedures that require implementation and enforcement, have been provided by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Should you require clarification, please refer to the staff portal provided on our website as all applicable information is posted there for your review and reference.

Here are some things we are implementing to help keep our workplace safe and to support you: 

  • More frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Access to hand sanitizer throughout the workplace.
  • Additional Staff to cover the extra duties, so you can focus on the children.
  • Personal Protective Equipment.
  • More frequent communications on Staff Portal located on our website.
  • New limits on the number of people allowed to gather in staffrooms
  • Enforcing Social Distancing 
  • Access to our HR Manager
  • Access to our Director of Operational Support

Now, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Tracy-Ann and Dave, who have worked diligently and tirelessly, in supporting our operations through this challenging time. They have supported our centres, parents and staff with queries and concerns, as we navigated through this tedious process. Each of their contributions have allowed us to meet our projected reopening date, with all the measures in place that are required of our organization. I have to extend a special thanks to Tracy-Ann, who oversaw the staff, parents, MOE communication pieces and the implementation of Mini-Skool’s Re-Opening Policy and supporting documents. It was a great deal of work and there were numerous changes along the way, but she managed to ensure that everything was up to date, so we could reopen as anticipated.  I would also like to express how thankful I feel, to have such an outstanding management team – Chris, Sabrina, Sue, Betty, Mary, Alliana, Tina, Ruby, Renise and Acting Assistant Director Catherine, who continue to endorse their dedication and loyalty to Mini-Skool. They have given of their time, to attend meetings review information, support their staff, complete administrative duties and do whatever was required or asked of them, to support this process and ensure we reopened as planned. You are truly the best of the best and Mini-Skool is fortunate to have you in leadership roles. A special thanks to Chris for her continued support with Mini-Skool’s Health and Safety Program, Betty for supporting Financial Reporting requirements, Mary for sourcing PPE and Alliana for training screening staff. We wouldn’t have been successful in these areas without your support.

Let’s not forget our employees, who came in and assisted in setting up the centre and classrooms that reflect our new “normal” for our little clients. Your dedication and loyalty to Mini-Skool will not go unrecognized and we look forward to celebrating with you one day, as our reopening day would not be possible without your contribution.

Remember, we are in this together, you are NOT alone. We have been through a lot, but we CAN and WILL get through this challenging time. 

Keep well, be safe and remain optimistic.



At Mini-Skool we are dedicated to creating a place of Laughter, Love and Learning for children of ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. We serve families with a broad range of child care and educational programs for children, including infant and toddler daycare, preschool, half-day Nursery school, full day Kindergarten, as well as before and after school programs and our Summer Club full-day summer daycare.