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The importance of fostering social skills as part of your child’s development

By August 15, 2018No Comments

Studies have shown that children who are immersed in a social learning environment — such as the one that Mini-Skool – A Child’s Place offers — early in life are better equipped to develop effective social skills later in childhood. However, these same studies point to the importance of the quality of child care. Not all environments will equip your toddler/preschooler with the skills needed for better communication or cognitive development which is why Mini-Skool – A Child’s Place has specialized programming for various  age groups to benefit your child the most.

Some preschools focus more on letting kids have fun, which is fine as long as the children are co-operating and the fun never ends. Mini-Skool – A Child’s Place believes a child should play, and that learning should occur during play at the child’s own pace. This approach allows children to develop positive social connections/interactions such as learning to share with others, taking turns and self-regulation.

Children attending the Childcare Centre are encouraged to be independent in their thinking and with regards to practical life skills are taught to ask for assistance when needed. Behaviour Management at the school means focusing on building your child’s self-esteem, their ability to empathize and confidence to problem solve.  As you know, a child who can apply skills to combat obstacles will be less frustrated and behaviours (like tantrums) will be reduced. Plus the ability to empathize goes a long way toward building strong friendships later in life, as well as functioning in the workplace.

In fact, learning healthy social skills will help your child better cope with stressful situations, diffuse conflicts, and vent frustration in a more positive manner down the road. Mini-Skool recognizes each child is unique, and that different strategies work for different individuals. Children’s well being and education have been their business for many years and they continue to provide quality care in an ever changing society.

To find out more about how Mini-Skool – ‘A Child’s Place’ can help your child develop healthy social skills, visit the website to help you find the nearest location. You can also call 905-275-2378. Like its page on Facebook for more information and updates.


At Mini-Skool we are dedicated to creating a place of Laughter, Love and Learning for children of ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. We serve families with a broad range of child care and educational programs for children, including infant and toddler daycare, preschool, half-day Nursery school, full day Kindergarten, as well as before and after school programs and our Summer Club full-day summer daycare.